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Space the sideboards 5 ft apart (outside measurement), It's best to lay down chicken wire (to keep moles out), then a layer of mulch fabric, above that add about 3-4" of Alfalfa hay which adds lots of nitrogen as it decomposes (get pure hay without weed seeds), then good top soil, we got ours from our woods (it needs roots, stones, & wild vegatation, etc. removed first) or buy a good grade of soil.

Hoop Specs:  use 1/2" PVC X 10' long pipe. Do not try to install a pvc fitting in the 10' length as the fitting hubs will break when bent in a hoop.  Drill a 3/16" hole 2" & 6" from each end making sure both ends (all 4 holes)  have parallel holes. Screw one end to one side of the sideboard, then gently bend them in a hoop and do the same on the other side. It will be best to do this on a hot sunny day as the pipe will bend better when temperature is higher. A 10' length of 1/2" pvc will make a perfert 5' semi circle hoop 3' high. Space 24" on center.

Install the drip irrigation system with same 1/2" pvc but strap it above the crown of the hoop, do not try to install crosses in the hoop, it will not work. Install 1gal/min misting heads 4' apart for best results. We have a deep well that flows 13gal/min so we had to divide the 96' long hoop garden into two parts and irrigate one end at a time in order to reduce water flow.

Install a stringer of same pvc along the bottom of each side to attach greenhouse plastic film, this stringer should be up far enough not to interfere with weed whackers, etc. Put a 3" deck screw through both pvc pipes and into the sideboards.  If you want to run a lawnmower close to the sideboards then either raise you hoops or cut 2-3" off both ends. Remember though you will be using 10ft wide greenbouse plastic so don't raise the hoops too much as you will need some extra film width to make a good attachment to the stringer, see next pic.

PVC clamps made specifically for 1/2" pvc pipe work well to secure down the Greenhouse plastic film and netting, space the side clamps about every 3' and clamp to the irrigation pipe every 6-8ft. We use a 12" wide strip of black plastic for sunscreen on hot/sunny days.  This only works if the length of the  greenhouse is running north and south.  This should provide 20% shade for your plants. It works good for our plants on days 90 degrees plus. Another tip is when leaves start to look wilty on extreme hot days turn you misters on for an hour or so during the heat of the day and the water temp will cool them down and you will see a noticeable change, plus it cools the ground temp at the same time. Our water comes out of the well at 59degrees.

Purchase you plastic film at least 6' longer than the greenhouse in order to cover the ends.  If the film is covering the greenhouse for very long Oxygen will build up so your plants need carbon dioxide, we picked up a used fireplace circulation fan and build a frame for it with the pvc pipe and screwed it on. Use an old return air grille or something for the other end.  We heat it on very cold nights with a dairy barn type fan heater. 

Product Sources:


Snap Clamps & 10' wide film





PVC on the shelf at: 



or any local hardware/plumbers supply


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