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Welcome to Gabhart Family Website
Rented quarters in Conception Chile
All eyes on Gringo Tonyia - Conception downtown square
Mateo & Valeria Ferrada & Carolina - Conception
couple in N. Chilean Andes Mountains
Beautiful Country - Beautiful Friends
Desert Oasis in N. Chile
Tonyia with girls in Festival - Talca, Chile
Chilean girl across the isle in our bus to N. Chile
A hospitable welcome to home & meal of friends in Santiago
with friends in Santiago
Talca Fest - My favorite
Tonyia, Vicky Billings & her co-worker - high up in Andes Mountains - Get out of breath quick
Gorgeous Desert Scene in North Chile
Walking hand in hand in pitch dark in Andes Mountains - Center:Vicky Billings & Co-worker, Right: Tonyia
Entrance to convention farm
Looking North from Huincacara Farm - Villerica Volcano (Active), locals call it "the devils kitchen"
Huincacara Convention Farm - Villerica, Chile
Mountain snow melt - Huincacara Conv. Farm - Villerica, Chile
Rita's Place: At home with friends in Villerica, Chile
Andes Mountains are beautiful
Talca Feast, Talca, Chile
Kitchen Stove factory in central Chile
Friends in Chile
Friend in Tecumo - love that smile
Friends home - Near Tecumo - winter supply of hot peppers on the wall
Very nice family - Near Tecumo - man & wife of the home in center with Percy Broughton to the left next to Tonyia - girl with the big smile to the right
Aley's mom - She treated us with the love of a mother - We will remember her dearly
very hospitable couple: Roberto & Sarah Shultz
waiting for the next bus north
with Ruth Ramariz (Ruth is deaf) - Conception Chile
Dorthy Forsyth - Tonyia - Edith Luck
delicious 4 course meal in Playa Blanca, Conception for $US4
Bird Woman - Downtown Conception, Chile

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