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Tom's Family - Parents/Siblings

Tom's Parents Howard & Enid (Baker) Gabhart

Video: Howard Gabhart, Marlin Kelso, Red Arms and others
Old Union 1970's Memorial day.wmv
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Front: Tom, Margaret, Mary, Lorna, Christina, Sarah, Back: Annie, Phillip, Georgia, Wyndham, Amy, Martha & Charles (Charles deceased)

1970's Family reunion at old farm house - Siblings L2R: Amy, Tom, Sarah, Mary, Annie, Phillip, Charles, Margaret, Christina (behind), Howard & Enid, Martha, Georgia - missing are Wyndham & Lorna  

Enid & Tom at Highrise Apartment in Washington, IN

Tom & Enid at Loogootee Nursing Home - Mom was unable to speak resulting from a stroke







Enid in front yard of our Alfordsville Farm house.

President Eisenhower's funeral train stopping at Washington, IN. B&O train depot. Indiana Gov Orr can be seen to left of white pole looking toward the pole just above girls head

L2R: Charles, Tom, Phillip and nephew Glenn Thomas on entrance steps at George Rogers Clark Memorial in Vincennes IN, about 1955

Tom's High School (Alfordsville High School) which closed a few years after he graduated in 1963, It was in the Gym to the right that Tom met Tonyia, his beloved bride. Tonyia came to Alfordsville to sing in a Gospel Sing, she and her brother Dwain and sister Carmen made up the Kline Trio.

This was our Old Farm House near Alfordsville, IN.   L2R: Tom, Tonyia, Enid, Granville & Helen Simmons (Howards foster brother) and Grandma (Georgia Morgan Gabhart).  In the late 60's

Younger Brother Phillip around late  1950's in front yard of the old farm house.

Gabhart Family Reunion in 1970's
Lorna, Enid, Chris, Georgia, Wydham, Front: Mary, Martha, Tom
Old Alfordsville Farm House on it last leg - Tom was born in the room with the roof caved in

Gabhart Side

Great Grandparents - Louis Morgan & Margaret Gabhart
Grandparents - William & Georgia Gabhart - William born 1876 - Died 1964
Daughters of Joseph Morgan: left is Georgia Morgan Gabhart (Howard's mother), seated is Mae White, on right is Annie Hagan.
Gabhart Row-House in Harrodsburg, KY

Harrodsburg KY: Frank James on left, an ex-outlaw and brother to famous outlaw Jesse James, appeared on behalf of Presidential candidate Bennett "Champ" Clark. Jack Chinn (holding horse reins) was an influencial local politician who was married to Ruth Morgan, sister to Joseph Morgan (pictured below), Joseph is  great-grandfather to Tom Gabhart. Bennett "Champ" Clark campaigning in Ky for United States President, behind the carriage is an ex-confederate General who was body guard for Clark.   Jack Chinn's grandson George Morgan Chinn is famous for his Machine Gun inventions. He was considered the nations leading authority on automatic weapons. He attended Millersburg Military Institute and Centre College. A marine veteran of WW2 and Korean War. Chinn observed combat use of weapons and served as trouble shooter. He acted as a consultant during the Vietnam War. Born in 1902, died in 1987, he developed grenade launchers and related air weapons which were used in the Persian Gulf War. He was author of several books on automatic weapons and held several machine gun patents.

Joe Morgan (center front) and wife Martha Dye Morgan. Children back row: Sally (died young from typhoid fever), May, Joe, Emma, next is Tom's grandmother Georgia, next to her is brother John.  Front: Betty, Pheabe, parents, Joe and Martha, and Annie. Martha was 20 yrs younger than Joe and was his second marriage. 

L to R: unknown, Howard & Enid with Margaret, Grandma & Grandpa William & Georgia, Marie & Dr. Winfield Gabhart MD, Uncle Tom Gabhart behind, Great Grandma Maggie, next 3 unknown, Aunt Emma (Gabhart) & Cecil Gillenwater on right.

Baker side of the family

Baker Girls: Annie, Clare, Ione, Enid age 16 (Tom's mom, expecting Margaret), & Justine
Clacey, Frank Baker (father) & John. Frank is Enid's father. Died at 62 - never remarried after his wife Amy died - buried in Old Union Cemetery south of Alfordsville IN
Left: Hartwell Baker (Enid's brother - 6' 6" tall) & Denver Baker (distant relative). Hartwell died shortly after this photo at age 36
George Washington Baker, father of Frank Baker, Grandfather to Enid Baker Gabhart
suffered shell-shock as result of the war - fought alcoholism after the war - he was 6' 7" tall, when ask about his height he said he was 7'6 or 6'7 didn't know which.

Nicklas Baker (right), father of Robert (above), Henry & George Washington Baker, Nick is Great Grandfather to Enid Gabhart & G-G-Grandfather to Tom Gabhart. Nicklas came to Indiana from VA and bought 2 sections of land from the Government west & south of Alfordsville, IN. His sons Robert & Henry both died in the Civil War. Nick took a wagon to Perryville KY battle ground to retrieve his son's remains. A fellow soldier had marked his grave with stones. Nick said he recognized his son's hands. My father Howard's family resided on the border of the battle ground and saw the open grave. When my parents married the two accounts came together. Nick dug 4 small pine tree sprouts from the battle ground and planted them on his property a little south of Alfordsville better known as the George Cox farm.  One tree remains today (see in below pic)





Pictured are Mariah Jane Smith & James Scales. Mariah is pictured pragnet with Enid's mother Amy (photo below). Mariah is Tom Gabhart's great grandmother. She married James Scales after she became pragnet by a man who was purported to be a traveling mulatto preacher.  Mariah and James later had a daughter, Ada Scales who died in childbirth (second pic below).


Amy (Scales) Baker, Tom's grandmother, married Frank Baker, died at age 49 from goiter complications, buried at Old Union Cemetery. Her mother Mariah is pictured above. She was the illegitimate daughter of Frank Potts (half-sister Ada below).
Ada Scales (married name unknown) was Amy Baker's only sister (half sister). She died in childbirth. Parents, James & Mariah Scales, pictured above (Ada had a younger brother named William- below pic)
Ethyl & Cora daughters of Gene Baker (bro to Frank), They were Enid's first cousins. Cora died in childbirth and is buried at Old Union Cemetery south of Alfordsville IN
This was our old farm house 2 miles west of Alfordsville before Frank Baker added a 2 story addition.
Enid's sister Annie (Baker) Brown was known for her beauty
Tom's uncle Raoul (nicknamed "Huff") enjoyed the "shock effect" he inflicted on visitors with his pet snakes. Reminds me of something his g-g-nephew Myron Phillips might do. Can't you see Myron in that face?

Early 1950's Baker Reunion at Washington IN park. 

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